Sunday, December 5, 2004

Finally, Halo 2 has arrived

Finally Halo 2 has arrived. Not the original copy I ordered though, it seems that copy is lost in the system or has been stolen. It always happens when you order something and want it quickly. Since I got it yesterday I have been playing on it a little bit and I like it. Some of the games you can play are great and being on Xbox Live, no lag is experienced and it all works nicely.

I tend to play games online more than playing the usual single player where you complete levels. I'll check out what single player is like soon but I don't really tend to play those kind of games much especially when there is a multiplayer online option instead, be it Xbox Live or online on the PC or PS2.

There was a chance to play Halo 2 on the cinema screen this weekend, I was meant to go and check it out but I did not bother in the end. It would have been good though, as it is great on the smaller screen too.

Being able to link your Xbox Live account to the Bungie site allows you to see your statistics and such which is another good thing. You can add people to your friends list as well to easily setup games which is handy. I've not checked out many of the different game styles you can play yet but I like what I have seen so far. Halo 2 is another great game to add to the list of good online enabled games recently. Others include Doom 3 & Half Life 2. I'm yet to get HL2 but will so shortly I think. Doom 3 on the PC is good and I'll probably get it for the Xbox too.

Now that there are a lot of Xbox Live titles available I think I'll have to go through checking them out to see which ones I want to get. There is quite a few I can think of, some of which people I know have got so that makes it more fun when you are playing people you know and hopefully beating them!

I can see me spending a lot of time now playing games, time is something we could all do with more of. When the day comes when my business operations allow for me to cover my salary then I'll have more time for doing what I want.

I think the new schemes that companies in the UK are introducing is great. You buy more holiday. In other words, get paid a bit less but get more time off. People and times are changing. No longer do people want to be spending their life working, instead they want to be living life, doing what they want to be doing. Hopefully more companies will take this idea and make it reality.

At least you'll have the choice, which is the most important thing. For me, I'll just take the option of running my own business operations where I am the risk taker rather than working for someone else who is. With risk, comes rewards.

So, it all depends on what you are. Are you a risk taker that wants to be free to do as you please or are you someone who will leave the risks to someone else but also let them take all the rewards?

I know which I am, it's time to change & enjoy life even more!

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Halo 2 on the XBOX

I've recently ordered a copy of Halo 2 for the Xbox. You have probably heard about a lot of people being banned from Xbox Live recently as along with Halo 2, Microsoft decided to release an Xbox Live update at the same time. Reported information is floating around about why people are being banned, it seems it is mainly due to people that have changed the hard disk in their Xbox. I've got a chip in mine to allow me to exploit the potential of the Xbox but I've not been banned, at least not yet anyway.

I've had the Xbox Live update and it still allows me to connect and play. I can see the reasons for MS doing this, but you have to have an original copy of a game to play on Xbox Live so it'll not have any affect on people copying games when playing on live as all copies should be original anyway.

I think MS are looking at it from the other angle to stop try and persuade people not to get their Xboxes fitted with a chip in the first place, in that scenario it would lower the amount of pirate copies of games being used. They also suggest it will low the level of cheating taking place. I've not found that anyone is cheating because they have a modified Xbox but of course this may be the case with some games, I'll have to investigate to find out.

I've also ordered a few other games, including DOOM 3 & Farcry for the PC. I'm probably going to get a number of other Xbox live games quite soon, as I've only got a few games for the Xbox at the moment and since I prefer online game playing, I need to get some.

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Friday, June 25, 2004

Doom 3

I'm looking forward to the release of Quake 3. Word has it that the release date has been announed as August 3rd 2004. From what I have seen in the way of still images, it looks very nice. But will it play as well? I think so. I still remember the days of Doom and Quake that started it all off. Now, I'll also be looking forward to the release of Quake 4.

Enter the arena, lock and load - or die.

It's going to be great!