Thursday, November 2, 2006

Valve Media Ltd - The Hub

Yesterday we launched the Valve Media Ltd Hub, which will be the central port of call for the Valve Media selection of sites & services. It has been launched online as part of the CSS Reboot launch schedule, being launched on November 1st. We hope you like the design and hope we can be of service to you. Some of it still needs to be completed, so please keep checking back. Hopefully we'll get some of the other sites online soon as well.

Pop on over and check out what we offer - there's a lot more we're planning on doing and some things which are not listed that we already do (but soon will be) so if you have any questions then get in touch.

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Updates & multimedia blogging

I'm going to get around to doing some updates that I've been meaning to do soon. Ben has updated his blog with a nice design and added some interesting stuff. I have seen some things I have been meaning to add, so going to get on the case with that shortly. There are a lot of new sites and ideas appearing so maybe we'll see some major changes in the blogging world that incorporates more multimedia. Regardless of what it is exactly, I think a move to more live or near to live as it happens information, vidoes, sound and pictures are what people will get used to. I've seen a number of video mobile type blogging sites and applications recently.

As more bandwidth and better price plans for data appear, along with better built in cameras on mobile phones, I think a new rush of reporters will appear. There is so much news that people with phones capture that TV crews might not, an interesting area that could be investigated.

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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Google going on the cheap?

I just went to the Adsense site, but instead of going via I accessed it via Since I had installed IE7 on my XP laptop, it alerted me to the fact that the SSL certificate did not match the URL, firstly by displaying a page asking if I wanted to continue and then by turning the adress bar a kind of pink colour.

Although there is nothing amazing about that, I just found it funny that Google didn't purchase another SSL certificate for the domain or even a wildcard one and use subdomains instead, hence the idea of going on the cheap side. Google is a company afterall and even the big ones like to keep the costs down. A better point is that the more evident security warnings will help reduce the number of issues that the average Windows user will get fooled by, hopefully.

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