Saturday, January 31, 2004

Sasha @ Godskitchen

Last night saw the man that is Sasha return to Godskitchen after 4 years. It was quality! The place was packed. Since the new room has been added to the club and different DJ's are being booked, playing different styles, the crowds have been a lot bigger and the vibe is back!

Roll on next week, Carl Cox and more will be rocking the place!

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Friday, January 30, 2004

Back home again

I'm back home again, after a mad trip back, waiting for trains and things. I am having a break from going to Camberley for a short while now, which is good.

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Thursday, January 29, 2004

MyDoom-B in the wild

Various sites are reporting that there is a new variant of the MyDoom worm in the wild and spreading on the Internet. This version appears to attack back SCO.COM and MICROSOFT.COM but details are limited at the moment. It has probably been developed by the same author of the original. I'm assuming (even though you should never assume) that the attack will start on the same date, but we'll have to wait for more information to filter through.

Looks like it is going to be a bit gloomy for MS and SCO - the question is - will their sites hold up?

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Sys Admin Part 2

The course is going along well so far - I am learning, which is always good!
I'm going over things that I have done before, but I am learning new subjects which are unique to Solaris or different in Solaris.

It's a long week, but I'm taking it easier this week!

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MyDoom spreading fast

Well, it appears that MyDoom is spreading fast and SCO has announced that it has put up a reward of $250,000 for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons involed. Good luck to them...

In the mean time, SCO had better put some protection in place to help see that their site stays up come February 1st. It seems, according to Message Labs and other filtering outfits that MyDoom is up there as being the fatest spreading worm yet!

Message Labs has already blocked over 1 million copies. Not only is this going to cause issues for SCO, it is causing problems for company mail servers all over the world. Especially with the extra traffic generated by auto-responders and added to that - the fact that a lot of mail is being sent to random email addresses that don't exist causing a lot of failure messages and failed mail being held in mail server queues.

I suppose that SCO have asked for this attack - depending on how you look at it, be it right or wrong it looks like they are going to have to just take it. The fact that filtering firms are already blocking it will reduce the spread but there will still be a lot of people infected and as we have seen from previous examples, unless there is a built in shut off date - these worms / virii will be around for a long time and in some cases they will never be killed off totally.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Novarg aka MyDoom

Yet another Windows based mass mailing email worm appears to be out there. This one, looks like it's going to cause issues for SCO's website, between February 1st - 12th by flooding it with GET requests. Users should check for the file "shimgapi.dll" on your systems. Ports 3127-3198 are opened up, so blocking these ports at the firewall would be a good idea.

Check out the Symantec Analysis

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My Yahoo RSS Beta

Recently JZ published published the launch of the new beta service from Yahoo which allows you to aggregate a number of RSS feeds which you can select yourself or choose from a list. I've taken a look at it and it is pretty good, I'm sure there will be a lot more added as time goes on.

In a follow up, Jeremy Zawodny also posted an easy way to make MT ping Yahoo each time your blog is updated, so that the feed is updated by Yahoo, which will be better for anyone using this RSS service and has your blog listed as they will get updated posts quicker, as Yahoo will pull the feed every so often.

From a web based interface, this is perfect - you can see what's been talked about on the blogs you read from any web browser without having to visit each site. When you are in front of your box, you can also use this method or use a software based aggregator. In both instances, it saves time but the web based method means you can have the latest information at a glance from any computer with Internet access and a decent browser.

How to Ping Yahoo RSS from MT

Give it a try!

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Monday, January 26, 2004

So far...

I'm currently on the course I discussed previously. It's going well, but the stuff we are covering I've had experience with already - standard commands and UNIX subjects, although some being Solaris specific so that is where the learning takes place.

I'll be looking to taking the exams very soon, so then I can move onwards and start planning towards other certifications. I'm really going to make sure I get a good amount of sleep this week as I don't want to be feeling tired every day again!

Each exam will be paid for first time by the company, so even more reason to take as many as possible.

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Sunday, January 25, 2004

That time is here again

Well, I'm off again to Camberley to do yet another Sun course, Advanced System Administration on Solaris 9. It should be good, but the whole idea of keep going down there will start getting a bit annoying.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes. I know this time due to our group going on this course on different dates, we will be with different people and so the madness that has been happening on the past courses should be minimal and less alcohol should be consumed!

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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Damn, I forgot about the trains!

I've just got back from being down south, after a mighty 5.5 hour trip. The extended trip back home was due to the weekend work being done on the West Coast Main Line, which is the route that trains from London to places in the north use. When this is out of action, alternative routes and coaches are used which takes ages!

So what would usually take around 3 hours, took a lot longer. I'm tired now so will be going t bed shortly to catch up.

Anyway, the Paintball was fun, as expected. I got quite muddy and played various games. Our team won overall, by quite a lot. I see what people say about it hurting a bit initially when you get hit but the pain soon subsides. Although you are left with a red blotch for a while and maybe a bruise. It's expected as the balls are fired at a speed of over 200mph. I like the death match at the end, the five of us helped each other but I fell over and got hit quite a lot whilst trying to get back up and sort my gun out.

I would have stayed in that game longer, but I ran out of paint. Next time, I shall be ready. Overall, a good laugh and experience - but quite costly!

We went to a Delta Force Paintball location - check the website for more information: Delta Force Paintball

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Friday, January 23, 2004


I'm finally going Paintballing tomorrow, after wanting to do it for ages. Should be a good laugh - it's the birthday of one of my friends so we're going to do an all day thing there and have some fun! I think I'm the only one out of our group that has not played before but I'm sure I'll be good - Should be playing some games like Capture The Flag and other ideas from games like Quake and Counter Strike.

I'll let you know how I get on!

On another note, I'm going back to Camberley again next week to do the Solaris 9 Sysmin Administration Part 2 course. I should be set for taking the exams straight aftwards.

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

More Easy services

I noticed earlier that Stelios and the Easy group are introducing even more new services, such as Easy Pizza, Easy Cruise & and Easy Dorm.

They are all based on the idea of "the earlier you book the less you pay"
Sounds good, especially when Easy Pizza & Easy Dorm expand out of London.
But saying that - there is still no Easy Everything here in the UK's second city!

Easy Pizza
Easy Dorm
Easy Cruise

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Never enough time

Don't you get that feeling sometimes that you just don't have enough time to do what you want / need to do? I suppose it is more of an issue on a day to day basis but some things I've been wanting to do for ages, I still have not got round to doing.

Well you know what they say about busy people - they will always find time eventually and thus can be relied upon. There are the other kind, who have enough time but just don't have any motivation.

I think I fall in between, at the moment. If work could be removed, I probably would not get everything done anyway so improvements are needed.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Damn, what was my login?!

Over the past 6 years of my Internet use, I have signed up to a lot of services. Most which I usually forget about and don't use, but at some point will come back to. Providing the accounts have not been deleted for non use over long periods of time, there is still the case of having to remember login details.

It's even more trouble when I can't remember which email address I used to register so that I can have your password mailed to me. Maybe I should employ some sort of account management so these troubles are reduced when I do return to use a service after a long break.

I'm sure I'm not alone in having these issues. It would be a lot easier if we all used the same userid's and passwords for various services we use, but of course we don't do this - for obvious reasons. Which is why management comes in. Or doesn't, due to lack of motivation.

Sometimes it ends up in an email to support to find out various details.
All is not lost, just takes a little time - but if the effort had been put in initially the extra effort would not be needed now. An interesting point to note when thinking along the lines of "I'll do it later" - Make the better (read: right) choice and do it now.

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Monday, January 19, 2004

A cinema ticket for less than 1

It seems that Stelios is at it again. Only this time, hitting the movie and coach businesses. I've just been browsing the Easy Cinema site. It's a new cinema concept and it looks like it will take off.

By removing staffing costs & an "earlier you book the cheaper it is" theme, Stelios hopes to fill more seats. You can't even buy overpriced popcorn - if you want to eat - you have to take your own. It seems that this is an entirely automated operation for the most part.

Looking on the site, I could currently book a ticket to see S.W.A.T for example. Current price 1.05. Which is a lot cheaper than the 5 that most places charge. Another point to note is that a lot of the showings appear to be filling up.

I must say I like the sound of this adea, lets hope that there are more of these cinemas rolled out. I usually only visit the cinema to see certain films, which you really need to see at the cinema. For example, The Matrix, Lord Of The Rings and many more. The rest of the time, I just either get the DVD or locate via other means. For older movies, I sometimes watch them on TV.

All I can say is, why didn't I think of this?
Or indeed, why didn't someone think of it earlier?

I know I'd be tempted to visit the cinema more often with prices like these available. Although at the moment there is only one Easy Cinema, which is located in Milton Keynes. We could do with more of them!

Easy Cinema

And whilst we are here, I should also note that London to Birmingham will only cost 1 soon as well!

Easy Bus

I wonder if I will get anything for this free PR?

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Various sites are reporting about a new email based worm called Bagle. Of course, it follows the list we already know - in other words - it only affects windows users and you do have to open an attachment. It appears that the email comes with a subject of "Test" and in the body of the message are the words "Test, yep." However this information could be variable.

It appears to add this key to the registry:


And copies itself to the system directory under the filename "bbeagle.exe".
It also runs "calc.exe" and then appempts to download "TrojanProxy.Win32.Mitgleide" from a number of sites and then execute it. It tries to scan local disks for email addresses, which it will then send itself to by using a built in SMTP service.

With an expiry date of 28th January, I doubt it will cause much of an issue. Biut even so, update your anti-virus patterns and don't open attachments from unknown senders or indeed any attachment that looks suspect.

For more information, see visit one of your local antivirus supplier.

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Sunday, January 18, 2004


I've got an old Palm 3X PDA, which to be honest I have not used much. Now technology has moved on and colour displays are common, I'm thinking of getting a new one.

The Palm T3 looks very nice, but it doesn't have 802.11. Some HP Ipaq's do, but I wanted to stick with Palm. The other thing to consider is can it run Linux? Not as far as I know at present.

The Ipaq's would be better for this, but from the reviews I have checked out the Palm's have more advantages to what I'm looking for over anything else, besides no 802.11 at the moment (except on C model)& no Linux I'd go for that, but I don't like the keyboard layout - I'd rather have the method of using a stylus.

The screen on the T3 is better than most and bigger too. The only downfall really is no 802.11, but I'm sure if I wait the next lot of models will have it.

All these toys make expensive times.
On the list to get at the moment, is an iPod, new PDA, laptop and a whole host of other things.

Either way I'll probably get them from the USA, as they'll be a lot cheaper.
Damn, I had better get saving and stop wasting money!

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Saturday, January 17, 2004

Another long sleep

After a week of not much sleep, due to going to bed last - I have just got up after being in bed about 29 hours.

What a waste, and not needed. I think that's the longest I have been in bed.
It would be good if that long sleep enabled me to stay awake longer before being tired, but it hasn't.

Although, you can stay up when feeling tired and let it pass, after a certain period you will loose concentration and become slower and such. Maybe future developments will allow us to stay awake longer without being tired - or not sleep at all.

Sleep is a way out - so I think we all need some.

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Friday, January 16, 2004

Movable Type v2.661 released

MT v2.66 was just released, but update v2.661 has now been released to address some issues in v2.66.

There is some new protection to help prevent spamming by comment throttling, which is part of the new spam reduction features which will be present in MT v3.0.

So, go and upgrade - or wait for v3.0 / Pro.

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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Why bother?

I just noticed 5 comments left today advertising different German sites, which obviously didn't get blocked because they are not in the blacklist - well they are in mine now!

They were simply advertising sites and leaving a comment to say I like this site. Maybe they would pass as legit, but leaving them all in one go? A bit too blatant. Especially when the site URL's are questionable.

Added to blacklist now - I think I'll forward them over to Jay for addition in the master blacklist.

I've just wasted all of 1 minute deleting them ;)

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I've just installed FreBSD 5.2 on my new Athlon box, which I built a few months ago but have not yet done anything with. I've been waiting for SATA support to appear in Linux distributions and anything else, now the 2.6x kernel is out, we should see new releases shipping with this and of course SATA support as standard. Since it's a SATA only system I had to wait for support to appear and the BSD's seem to have sorted this out earlier.

So far so good, just trying to get X setup as XFree86 doesn't support my Radeon 9600 card in the 4.3.0 release, so I'm sorting out the lastest snapshot to solve that problem.

I think 4.9 supports the chipsets on the board like 5.2, so I might go for that instead. 5.2 seems okay so far, apart from the new technology in this box not being supported without updating some packages.

I think I'll be getting another drive soon and will install some form of Linux on that and make this a dual boot box. Or I might get my original Pentium box and put Linux on that - yet another option would be to put FreeBSD on that and Linux on the new Athlon box. I'll have to make my mind up.

In the mean time, it's time for more playing.

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ADSL by the minute

It seems that ADSL is available from certain ISP's or will be soon and charged by the minute. Which amongst other things, costs a lot more than fixed rate.

I can see the situations where this would be an ideal package, but for most people the per minute charging will eventually cost more anyway, so people will no doubt avoid these packages.

I know I would...

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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

It's snowing!

And it is coming down quite heavily as well.

There is a picture on my moblog.
When I go outside, I'll take another one - as you can't see as well from up here in the office.

It's funny how most people get excited when it snows, usually because it is near to Christmas / holidays.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2004


I've come to the conclusion, a long time ago:

That if we believed everything everyone says about different foods, how good for you they are or how bad they are, we would not eat at all.

And of course, we don't want that.

So, I say eat what you will - just not too much junk.

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Monday, January 12, 2004

Windows 98/ME - Extended Life

It appears that Microsoft have given Windows 98 & ME an extended life, at the last minute. I suppose this is good, since 98 is still used qiute a lot. But even so, is it really worth extending the life?

It's not like there are many updates and such released for these OS's these days. They were good, in their time.

Rest, at some point in the future.

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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Verisign to change DNS

Verisign are planning changes, to take place on February 9th. The changes should not affect most people, except people that rely on data directly from the root servers.

The SOA record for .com & .net will be changing format, so instead of being in the YYMMDD plus a 2 digit number which is updated when the zone is changed (usually they need to change when multiple updates are made on the same YYMMDD value, so clients know the zone has been updated more than once that day.

These changes will allow for more updates per day, so that new domains can appear more quickly, for example. The new serial format will be based on how many seconds it has been since 00:00:00 GMT on Jan. 1, 1970.

Verisign states that this should not cause any problems at all for most people.
Even so, we'll have to wait and see as I'm sure people that reply on the current format and don't know about the changes, will have problems.

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Saturday, January 10, 2004

Apple iPod vs ...

I've been wanting to get some form of portable MP3 player for some time. I've been looking around and was thinking about getting a new cd player which can play mp3's as well. The problem with a CD player is they are quite bulky. The iPod and other MP3 player's such as the Sony range which use memory sticks are a lot smaller, except they cost more.

Looking through what is available, the iPod seems the best choice. The 40GB model would have plenty of space and in time there will be models released with even more capacity. The advantage that the iPod has is, being very small and light, it will fit into a pocket easily.

The design is pretty plain, but it would do. There is also an iPod Mini now, which is smaller, a better looking colour and stores less - but obviously costs less.

The technical specifications, as listed on the Apple site:


4GB, 15GB, 20GB or 40GB hard disk drive
Holds 1,000, 3,700, 5,000 or 10,000 songs in 128-Kbps AAC format
Stores data via FireWire or USB 2.0 hard drive

Customize main menu
Create On-The-Go playlists
Rate songs
Shuffle songs or albums
Repeat one or all
Sound check on or off
20 Equalizer settings
Backlight timer
Display contrast
Alarms on, off or silent
Sleep timer
Date and time
Display time in menu bar
Contacts sort and display by first or last names
Clicker on or off
Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Display (4GB model)
1.67 inch (diagonal) liquid crystal display with blue-white LED backlight
138-by-110-pixel resolution, 0.22-mm dot pitch
Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously

Display (15-, 20-, 40GB model)
2-inch (diagonal) liquid crystal display with blue-white LED backlight
160-by-128-pixel resolution, 0.24-mm dot pitch
Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously

Size and weight (4GB model)
Height: 3.6 in
Width: 2.0 in
Depth: 0.5 in
Weight: 3.6 oz (104 g)

Size and weight (15GB model)
Height: 4.1 in
Width: 2.4 in
Depth: 0.62 in
Weight: 5.6 oz (158 g)

Size and weight (20GB model)
Height: 4.1 in
Width: 2.4 in
Depth: 0.62 in
Weight: 5.6 oz (158 g)

Size and weight (40GB model)
Height: 4.1 in
Width: 2.4 in
Depth: 0.73 in
Weight: 6.2 oz (176 g)

Up to 25 minutes of skip protection
Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
Audio formats supported: AAC (16 to 320 Kbps), MP3 (32 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible, AIFF (Mac only) and WAV
Upgradable firmware enables support for future audio formats

Earbud-style headphones with 18-mm drivers using Neodymium transducer magnets
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20,000Hz
Impedance: 32 ohms

Dock connector
3.5-mm stereo headphone jack
Wired remote connector
Environmental requirements

Operating temperature: 32 to 95 F (0 to 35 C)
Non operating temperature: -4 to 113 F (-20 to 45 C)
Relative humidity: 5% to 95% noncondensing
Maximum operating altitude: 10,000 feet (3000 m)

Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery
Playtime: 8 hours when fully charged
Standby time: 1 month when fully charged
Charging via FireWire to computer system or power adapter
Fast-charge time: 1 hour (charges up to 80% of battery capacity)
Full-charge time: 3 hours
Charging via USB 2.0 to computer system or power adapter (iPod mini only)
Fast-charge time: 1 hour (charges up to 80% of battery capacity)
Full-charge time: 3 hours

6-pin FireWire connector
AC input: 100V to 240V at 0.4 amp maximum
Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz
DC output: 12V at 1 amp maximum


So, as it goes - they are the best you can get really. Unless you wanted to go the CD way. I've checked an iPod out, and they are quite good. The volume was nice and loud just how I like it. I think I'm going to have to invest.

The cheapest I have seen for the 40GB currently, is 379 inc VAT.

Another option is for me to order one from the USA, but I would probably have to pay import tax so the savings would not be that great. I could wait for someone I know to come over from the USA and bring one with them.

I've checked out some good places that look out for the cheapest prices on products, but nothing listed in the UK is cheaper than I have found.

If anyone has seen the 40GB cheaper, let me know!
As why should we pay more, when we don't have to?

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Friday, January 9, 2004

Fibre Channel

On the storage course this week, I have been playing around with Fibre Channel & FC-AL. Below shows the output of luxadm, which is the Solaris utility to manage Fibre Channel. You can see the status of various GBIC's, temperatures of drives and other information. Having hands on experience with this kit in a lab allows you to play / break stuff without the worry of loosing data.

Consdering the cost of a Sun StorEdge A5000 for example, unless I was working at a company which uses them, the chance of being able to use one is slim - as I doubt most people would have one in their home. Fortunately for me, I will have access to this type of equipment in our labs, as we'll be supporting it all - so it makes sense.

# luxadm display DV

0 On (O.K.) 20000020370e104d On (O.K.) 2000002037070870
1 On (O.K.) 200000203704fa9c On (O.K.) 20000020370e3a89
2 On (O.K.) 20000020370e4f43 On (O.K.) 2000002037070bd8
3 Not Installed On (O.K.) 200000203707086e
4 On (O.K.) 2000002037078204 On (O.K.) 2000002037070835
5 On (O.K.) 20000020370c0a5b On (O.K.) 20000020370e1ade
6 Not Installed On (O.K.) 200000203714ecd0

FW Revision:1.09 Box ID:0 Node WWN:508002000001e3c8 Enclosure


Power Supplies (0,2 in front, 1 in rear)
0 O.K.(rev.-02) 1 O.K.(rev.-02) 2 O.K.(rev.-02)

Fans (0 in front, 1 in rear)
0 O.K.(rev.-05) 1 O.K.(rev.-00)

ESI Interface board(IB) (A top, B bottom)
A: O.K.(rev.-04)
GBIC module (1 on left, 0 on right in IB)
0 Failed(mod.-05): Not receiving a signal
1 Failed(mod.-05): Not receiving a signal
B: O.K.(rev.-04)
GBIC module (1 on left, 0 on right in IB)
0 O.K.(mod.-05)
1 Failed(mod.-05): Not receiving a signal

Disk backplane (0 in front, 1 in rear)
Front Backplane: O.K.(rev.-04)
Temperature sensors (on front backplane)
0:34C 1:36C 2:36C 3:34C 4:34C 5:36C
6:36C (All temperatures are NORMAL.)
Rear Backplane: O.K.(rev.-04)
Temperature sensors (on rear backplane)
0:33C 1:36C 2:37C 3:36C 4:36C 5:37C
6:36C (All temperatures are NORMAL.)

Interconnect assembly

Loop configuration
Loop A is configured as a single loop.
Loop B is configured as a single loop.
Language USA English

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Thursday, January 8, 2004

Populating the VTOC

# cat wipe

for i in /dev/rdsk/c[!0]*s2
fmthard -s /dev/null $i

An easy way to destroy data on all disks that are not on controller 0. I just destroyed our array, on purpose of course. So now, I can re-create a new array and learn in the process.

One of the benefits of having labs to play with on courses or in general.
Below is a before / after status, after running the wipe script above.


# vxdisk list
c0t0d0s2 sliced rootdisk rootdg online
c0t1d0s2 sliced - - online
c6t0d0s2 sliced - - online
c6t1d0s2 sliced - - online
c6t2d0s2 sliced - - online
c6t4d0s2 sliced - - online
c6t5d0s2 sliced - - online
c6t6d0s2 sliced - - online
c6t16d0s2 sliced - - online
c6t17d0s2 sliced - - online
c6t18d0s2 sliced - - online
c6t19d0s2 sliced - - online
c6t20d0s2 sliced - - online
c6t21d0s2 sliced - - online
c6t22d0s2 sliced - - online


# wipe
# vxdctl enable (re-scan drives in Veritas)
# vxdisk list
c0t0d0s2 sliced rootdisk rootdg online
c0t1d0s2 sliced - - online
c6t0d0s2 sliced - - error
c6t1d0s2 sliced - - error
c6t2d0s2 sliced - - error
c6t4d0s2 sliced - - error
c6t5d0s2 sliced - - error
c6t6d0s2 sliced - - error
c6t16d0s2 sliced - - error
c6t17d0s2 sliced - - error
c6t18d0s2 sliced - - error
c6t19d0s2 sliced - - error
c6t20d0s2 sliced - - error
c6t21d0s2 sliced - - error
c6t22d0s2 sliced - - error


The 2 drives on controller 0 are still active because we wanted those to be left alone, because they are the boot disk and another disk in the machine. All of the other drives are in the array. We could have messed the box up as well, as it could have had a jump start.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2004


I'm currently spending this week working with A5000 / D1000 arrays. There is a lot to take in but obviously most people will not take it all in first time. I'm working with Veritas Volume Manager this week and will be working with Solstice Disk Suite soon too.

I'm back again in two weeks on yet another course.

It's all good.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Tiredness = No learning

I've been saying all week so far that I will have an early night, but so far it has not happened. I have had about 7 hours sleep since Sunday.

Which is okay, under normal circumstances but since I am on a course it would be better if I was able to concentrate easily. Being this tired, after going to bed at 6.45am this morning and then getting up at 8.15am, it's not that easy.

I'm really looking forward to sleeping later. It's also annoying that this browser is Netscape 4.76 and does not display much correctly, so some of the stuff I wanted to post will have to wait until later.

After seeing the current sleep deprivation show on E4, I'd have been up for going on it and probably winning.

It is all down to will power as with most things and the people on there might have will power but probably have not stayed up for over 24 hours before, so it will be interesting to see how they do. On the other hand, when the money is being waved at you, I think most people would get some will power from somewhere.

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Monday, January 5, 2004

Storage Course

I'm back at Watchmoor Park again this week doing a Sun Storage course. It's going well but after getting to bed at 5am this morning, I could do with some sleep.

Time to get a drink and carry on! I'm sure I'll have some updates as the week goes on about what I've been up to.

Right now I'm too tired to think.

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Sunday, January 4, 2004

Encoding movies

I'm currently in the process of encoding some AVI files to DVD. It's a time consuming process, even on a nice box. The other thing to consider is if the file will fit on a blank DVD after being encoded.

Some files which I have obtained, encode but don't fit on single layer DVD's that you buy. I'm wondering, along with the new blue laser type drives that will be appearing, will there be multi layer devices / media that will make encoding a lot easier?

I think that some of these new HD-DVD technologies will be using multi-layer, but I'll also guess that they will be expensive to buy. With all the different formats available, it's no wonder we get confused without doing the reading. I think I just need to put more effort in initially to examile files, how they have been encoded to AVI/MPEG and so what settings to use in various applications to get the output I want.

I'd prefer it if everything would just work though. It would save a lot of time for one thing. In the mean time, whilst I am waiting for this file to encode, I can be doing some reading and thus learning.

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Saturday, January 3, 2004

Thought of something, but then...

Isn't it annoying when you are thinking about something and then you forget all about it? Then, when you least expect it the thought comes right back.

Happens at the best of times.

And also at the worst.

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Friday, January 2, 2004

New MSN Worm - Jitux

It appears there is a new worm spreading via MSN Messenger. Although there are only a few reports of this in the wild at the moment, I'm sure it will spread quickly. The worm contains a link to a site which starts a download of a file called "jituxramon.exe" which is then executed and then the worm starts sending out copies of itself to contacts on the users list.

Sounds like it'll be more of an annoyance than anything else.

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Thursday, January 1, 2004


Well I've slept for most of today after getting in at 8AM this morning. Hope you all had a good night, whatever you did! I'm not back in the office until 12th January, as I'm back in Camberley next week doing a Sun storage course.

So, another week of free food and plenty of drink coming up!

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