Saturday, August 30, 2003

Update on Google Search Results

Well if you read my orginal post and the update, you'll be in tune with where I'm at! Anyway, I've just tried running the search again and now I am back at number 1, and 2nd if removing the a & of.

Weird. It goes to show, how things change...

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Winter is on its way...

Well it is in the UK anyway. The nights are drawing in already! And it's getting colder in the day & of a night. I think I'll be tucked up tight in bed tonight!

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Friday, August 29, 2003

New Hardware

Well since I've just been paid, I was thinking about spending money on upgrading my old boxen. New motherboard, cpu, case and ram should do the trick.

But then I thought, spending more money I don't have...

Ahh, fuck it.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Thought Crime

I remember attending a talk on this subject at HAL 2001...err...where has the site gone?

I'm going to go and think for a bit...


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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Demon ADSL

Well I've had mine for just over 2 years now and have never had a problem with it really. The router died once, so I had a few days downtime then before British Telecom (read: BT) got their act together and came out to replace it & there seems to be some periodic loss of routing happening lately, so need to investigate that but otherwise... no problems! With all the price drops recently, my 512/256kbps link has dropped in price to 45+Vat (52.88), which is probably still more expensive than other ISP's and packages, but mine is one of the business packs which I have always had (20:1 contention, /28 subnet and various other things you don't get on the cheaper no frills options.

Also generally, the cheaper ones with 1 million users, tend to break get what you pay for as they say. Anyway, I'm currently being re-graded, so I will have a nice 2mb/256k 20:1 soon (Demon Express Pro), which should be more than plenty for my home usage, the 512k is, but for the price, I might as well now get 2mb as it is really only costing slightly more than I have been paying for the 512k link.

A bit annoying though, having to pay 150 to upgrade...

BT, sort it out!

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Monday, August 25, 2003

Google Search Results

I just noticed A-list blogger Jeremy Zawodny has an interesting post about Google on his blog. Just after reading his post I went onto Google UK to run a search to find out if I could get the same kind of results with popular words. Anyway, the search I did was "Reading a lot of stuff". Google states that it found about 2,020,000 matches. I'm number one! (which I already knew). Google said: "The following words are very common and were not included in your search: a of."

So I tried the same search without a & of. New search: "Reading lot stuff". Although the same amount of results were found, the returned results were different. I show up 2nd in this search & a lot of other results are different.

It does seem that it's taking more notice if these words than it would appear...Maybe they should re-phrase to state the words are included in search results so if you would like more detailed search results then obmit these words from your searches (rather than say they are ignored)

One thing I have also noticed about google at least, is that it takes notice of the Post subject headers quite a lot, so if you use the right words in the headers, you can get higher up in the search results for good search phrases! Even better when Google likes newer content more and puts it closer to the top!

Yahoo on the other hand, also has slightly different returned results values as well as some different sites listed, but they don't claim to ignore popular words, so different results for different search words are allowed!

UPDATE: Well it seems that now, I'm not even on the first page, or near it! and the amount of returned results appears to have gone down.... Although Jeremy is now listed as I did a trackback to his post. I suppose when we wonder why this information changes, we have to think about how Google is setup and distributed via various servers and database, some not being the REAL database if you like, but data gathered by freshbot rather than deepcrawl.... then obviously which server you hit will be dependant on the load balancing...

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Why is it the weather always turns bad, when you've got a bank holiday weekend with plenty of events on to attend, outside?

Oh well...On the other hand, I'll get this design sorted out at some point. As well as more...Watch this space as they say.

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Friday, August 22, 2003

New Blog Design

Well, I'm having a play... but... I think I'll get Ben to modify it some more, as I've got a few ideas about how I want it to look, but ... he knows all about this kind of design thing :-)

I know the colours on the text is a bit hard to read, so will be changing it around.

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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Moving sites

Don't you find it really annoying, that when moving sites from one box to another, you then spend a lot of time getting everything working again? It's okay when you just use html etc, but when you're using databases, cgi scripts and such, it takes a while to figure out whats wrong with each thing after the move.

But you always get there in the end, it's just a chore having to move stuff sometimes!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

I'm drunk

But not that bad, as I can still spell.
It's probably not a good idea though, using the computer and making posts when intoxicated in any way, shape or form. I think I'll refrain from going near computers after drinking especially!

Time to sleep.

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Monday, August 18, 2003

Secure Server Rooms

People obviously always go on about system security, but a lot of the time they fail to discuss physical security or take this into consideration when formulating security procedures.

We are currently moving all of the servers located in my office at work and around various other parts of the office into an air conditioned secure room. At the moment, all of the servers are accessible to anyone who walks into our I.T office.

At the moment, the physical security aspect is based more on trust. But as we know in this world, you can't really trust many people! Some would have you believe that you can only really trust yourself, which is true!

At the moment the air con keeps our office cooler, but it is a bit load still with all the fans.

It will be a bit of a daunting task moving the equipment, but should be fun in the process and the end result will be better in all respects. I'll post some pics soon of how it currently looks and what everything is like after the move!

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Sunday, August 17, 2003

Reading a lot of stuff

I noticed on Jeremy Zawodny's blog that he has a little post about being bored with the stuff that he reads online, such as other blogs etc. I can relate to this, not so much in the bored of sites sense but in the sense that I can't be bothered to keep checking sites! It grows towards becoming a sort of chore! Even more so when you read a lot of sites on a daily basis!

Maybe I've just lost most of my motivation lately, yeah... that's what it is!

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How many miles?

I was thinking today. A dangerous thing for me to do! Anyway, after going to Ibiza, Madrid, Barcelona, Essex, as well as London (4 times) in the past 10 days, it made me wonder just how many miles I have travelled. Most of it being clocked up on flights over 3 days, the rest from trains!

Anyone like to take a guess? Maybe I should calculate it after obtaining the required data!

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Well, due to delays in getting the other box back online, I've been having some DNS problems. They should all be sorted out shortly... so, now you know!

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Sharp GX10i

I have not managed to get the other mobile back, I think that is a lost cause. Why is it that the only time I choose to not bother with insurance as the trip was only going to be short, something happens where I could do with having it?! It's always the way! Anyway, now I have the updated model - Cost me 100 - has a better resolution camera, screen and is a darker colour.

The only thing which is annoying, is that I have lost all my numbers as well! I can't seem to locate the list on my PC, which I know I had! So, I'm currently in the process of gathering numbers...The pictures I had, are mostly lost :( Apart from the ones that other people have!

I shall be more careful in future, and make a copy of the numbers, etc...

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003


Sorry about the lack of recent updates, I've had a mad mission the past few days. Friday I headed off to Ibiza until Monday. Instead of getting a direct flight, I thought I'd do something different, so I went down by train to London Euston from Birmingham New Street, then got the tube to Victoria & finally got on the Gatwick Express to Gatwick Airport.

We stayed in a B&B ovetr night, then got the British Airways flight to Madrid. From there we got another flight to Ibiza...Mission! Around 20 hours travel from the time of leaving my house to getting to Ibiza.

It was a wicked weekend, even though it did go really quick. Had a nice air conditioned room at Hotel Marfil & an air conditioned car. We needed the air con, it was 35+ degrees every day, one day I noticed it was over 40! As I was only there for a short time on this trip, I only managed to visit Space, Eden & Pacha, as well as the Radio 1 events. I've spent just over 5 weeks on the island since I first went in September 2001, and I've still got loads of things I want to do there! I'll be going back again soon!

On the way back, we left our passports at the hotel, so had to go back. We then missed our flight back to Madrid. Which wasn't so bad as we didn't have to pay for another one, but we did have to fly to Barcelona instead, then get a flight back to the UK from there! Once back in the UK I had a mad mission back to Birmingham... 12 hours non stop travel.

It was all worth it, the only thing I am annoyed about is that I left my phone on the flight from Ibiza to Barcelona and even though I realised literally about 3 minutes after getting off the plane, they said they could not find it. So maybe someone took it...I was one of the last people to get off the flight though!

I have been trying to get hold of the arrivals desk for Iberia as the number I was given just seems to be constantly engaged, I want to find out if it has been handed in as I've lost all my numbers (can't find the list I'm sure I had) and I've lost the pictures on the phone too :(

I've got a new one now and barred the other one! Annoying as well that I didn't have insurance to cover it, as the trip was so short I did not bother getting any, so I've paid another 100 for a new Sharp GX10I. I can recover numbers over time, but I'll make sure I keep the list somewhere! Most of the pictures I've lost though unless other people have them on their phones, but a lot were just on mine and can't be replaced. Oh well! I'll just have to build up another collection! Or maybe I'll get the phone back? There is always hope.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2003

Coder or Killer

I checked out Coder or Killer after seeing a post on Ben's Blog.

I got a nice score of 8 out of 10.

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DNS & Stuff

Well, if you're wondering why my blog has been unavailable (probably not noticed), it's because my primary nameserver went down and I didn't have the secondary setup because I needed to update the NS records on some domains including over at Nominet. I got that sorted out, but because the primary was down, I had to create the zones manually which was okay... all sorted. Although, I entered the wrong IP for in the zone, so Apache was serving the wrong pages. Sorted now.

At the moment I've got a RH8 full CD install up at work, 9 sitting on another HDD. When I used Ghost to ghost the drive, it does not copy GRUB over correctly, Symantec are aware of this, check here for fix.

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