Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mobile phones don't mix with toilets

I didn't think I would ever do it, but finally it happened. Recently I managed to drop my Nokia N70 down the toilet. Well, not directly but I was using it at the time and went to the bathroom. Usually if I have it with me, I put it on the side away from the toilet itself, but this time I placed it on the water tank.

As I picked it up shortly afterwards, it slipped out of my hand and even though I tried to stop it, it was too quick. Even though it was only submerged in the water for a second or two, it started flickering. It didn't look wet inside when I took the back off, but I did try it with some hot air. A little later on, I tried switching it on, it did turn on but didn't make it through the full boot up. I tried it a few times that night, but then left it off for around 4 days.

I had my fingers crossed the next time I switched it on and thankfully it worked and has been working since. I was only really worried that I could potentially lose some data that was stored on the phone itself that I wanted, as most of the data was on the memory card and that was working.

It is insured, but I was more worried about the data, as some of it was not bakced up. After checking it, there was not that much that was in danger but at least somethig good came out of this experience.

I'm not going to take my phone near open toilets again or if I do, take extra special care. I've been through quite a number of mobiles since I got my first one in 1999, but I've only lost one (it fell out of my shorts as I was getting off a flight) and not broken any yet but this was a close shave.

I guess I was just lucky, as many people have lost phones in water based accidents. I know a few people who have most more phones than most people would believe so I'm not doing too bad. At the moment I'm using the N70 and N73, but I'll be getting the N95 shortly, which should be good, having the build in GPS and 5 megapixel camera.

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