Thursday, November 2, 2006

Updates & multimedia blogging

I'm going to get around to doing some updates that I've been meaning to do soon. Ben has updated his blog with a nice design and added some interesting stuff. I have seen some things I have been meaning to add, so going to get on the case with that shortly. There are a lot of new sites and ideas appearing so maybe we'll see some major changes in the blogging world that incorporates more multimedia. Regardless of what it is exactly, I think a move to more live or near to live as it happens information, vidoes, sound and pictures are what people will get used to. I've seen a number of video mobile type blogging sites and applications recently.

As more bandwidth and better price plans for data appear, along with better built in cameras on mobile phones, I think a new rush of reporters will appear. There is so much news that people with phones capture that TV crews might not, an interesting area that could be investigated.

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