Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Two months have passed

Well, it has already been 2 months since my last post. Time really does fly, but not so much if you're clock watching. I was planning on posting in April, but had a lot of thingd going on and never did.

Anyway, the Snowbombing trip was excellent, I'll be going back next year. Next month it is Beachbombing, I'm in the process of sorting this out. It's only 69 for 3 nights so well worth it.

There is a lot going on in the technology world as usual but there are a few interesting things which have caught my eye. The firmware hack for the XBOX 360 DVD drive is one of them, it'll be interesting to see how that pans out and how MS plan to combat the up and coming piracy. Check out the video of a hacked unit playing a copy of PGR 3.

There is plenty of activity in the PSP world as well. Lots of interesting applications are being released, including alternative shells, emulators and a VNC type application. I've downloaded updated firmware versious a number of times, but it's always a choice between upgrading by choice and being forced to by the desire to play a new game which demands the upgrade. Forced upgrading is a smart move by Sony, partly to try and stop people running custom code and also to provide new functionality.

The days are getting longer warmer, so it'll be more of a reason to be outside with the portable gadgets and less reason to be inside on the computers. I'm wondering what my next gadget purchase will be. I've been meaning to get a portable GPS navigator for my car, probably the new TomTom GO 910. Although I think they are still a bit on the expensive side for what they are, but worth it when you're doing a lot of driving around and there is usually more of this going on in the summer.

Summer is coming, enjoy it!

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