Thursday, May 12, 2005

So close yet so far

It's not long until I move now and once that is sorted and I get proper Internet access I'll actually be able to browse the Internet again at night, without getting annoyed at how slow it is. If the person here had kept their promises and sorted it here, it would not be a problem but she is full of rubbish. Putting up silly notes to tell us not to use leave the taps running because she is over her estimated water bill. Unless they know how many people are living here, which I doubt, they can't even estimate properly.

She also turns the heating off, which means the house is cold most of the time. Considering we pay rent, we don't have to put up with things like that, hence one of the reasons I have had enough and am geting out of here!

She also is under the impression that the tap in sink can let out 5 litres of water a second, what planet is she living on? That is two and a half normal size bottles of soft drink every second which is impossible considering the size of the pipes.

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