Friday, April 29, 2005

Things going wrong

When using older hardware and software that has not been used for a while I sometimes forget certain things that have to be done to get it working, as newer releases of software do a lot of it automatically these days. We forget how easy it is, in comparison to say 10 years ago. After pondering over why I could not get Solaris 2.6 to see some tape drives, I later recalled it was because drvconfifg isn't as good as devfsadm. You have to run the tapes command after if you don't reboot using boot -r to get it to see the connected tape drives.

Not many people we have to deal with still use 2.6 so the old methods are forgotten a lot of the time and although something simple in this case, it could have been anything. It's so much easier when you are aware of the older methods as well as the new ones.

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