Sunday, April 17, 2005

Downloading with IE

I've always thought that this is a limitation of certain sites, but it seems that the limit on the number of downloads from the same site at any time is not usually limited by the source HTTP server, but rather by IE.

It complies with the RFC 2616 by limiting the amount per site to 2. I find this annoying, as a lot of the time I start more than two and could not automate the downloading of them all without using a 3rd party application. It seems you can change IE so that you can download more and although this would break the RFC, in this instance it's nothing to worry about.

Check out the article to change the value to a higher one, pointed out on the IE Blog. Another interesting tip is to always ensure you put a trailing "/" at the end of a URL as a URL without one will result in a 301 being sent to the URL with a "/" at the end anyway.

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