Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Only using 10% of our brain capacity?

I've not heard anybody ever say this, but it seems that it is quite a long running thing, proven to be a myth. Multiple forms of scientific evidence are available to show that we do indeed use different parts of our brains spread out of the entire geographic area covered inside our skulls.

Various people have claimed that we don't use most of our brain capacity because most of the physical area is not used. Not used all at once maybe, but generally speaking through an average day all of the different parts are used as we do and experience different things.

As discussed in an article I have just read, which explains why the "10% rule" is fundamentally flawed, you can see that because of how news speads, when people talk about things that they generally don't understand, they can't form a proper calculated opinion based on fact, even if those facts are present because their understanding of the subject is missing.

Due to this, when people discuss topics that they don't understand, they will be more inclined to believe something when they are told it, even if not proven to be fact. In the case of the "10% myth" because so many people are talking about the topic and don't understand it and have not looked at proven scientific evidence, the wrong information spreads. Even though incorrect, because more people are saying the same thing, more people believe it. Unless of course they have looked at the evidence and done their own research to find out the truth.

That's the problem with a lot of things these days. People have their opinions that are biased and not based on fact but rather what they believe to be fact or what they have been tolod by someone who they think knows what they are talking about. Really, it boils down to ignorance. What is the solution?

Education is the solution. People in the know, should correct people they hear misinforming other people about any subject for which they know about or know enough about the facts. Uninformed opinions are biased and unfounded. People should know the facts or keep quiet. There is no excuse for ignorance.

One day something that is a myth, really will be just that instead of turned from a myth to something that appears to be the truth because of too many people spreading false information around.

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