Tuesday, April 5, 2005

The bionic eye

Things are moving along in the quest to design a device that acts in the same way as the human eye, allowing someone who is blind or has limited vision to make objects out. Work has been going on in this area for a long time, but more progress has been made recently. Although it will be a while longer before people will be able to get this technology, tests will be carried out in the future.

It's a great step forward for people that have no vision at all and for people that are born blind or loose their sight very quickly, it will definately change their lives. Thirty or fourty years ago people would not have said that creating an eye out of components and putting it inside the skull then using it to stimulate the appropriate cells to send signals to the brain would be possible.

At the speed that technology moves forward, things we think are never going to happen now, will probably be just another problem solved in the years to come. Read all about the bionic eye here.

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