Friday, April 1, 2005

RFID chip on passports

I don't think the idea of putting RFID chips on passports is a good idea. Especially since they are not going to even contain any encryption. We all know the most systems are usually cracked in no time at all, so why increase the risk to pople having information stplen from them without them knowing, by wanting to use an up and coming technology for a purpose that it is not really designed for?

With changes made to the current plans, it could work. But there is no real need for RFID to be used. There are advantages, but I don't think they measure up when compared to the potential security risks associated with transmissing personal data via a wireless system that contains no real security.

There are plenty of other alternatives that could be used to increase productivity when checking passport or other identification without increasing the risk of this information being available to anyone with freely available equipment. There are enough cases of identity theft taking place, there's no reason to increase this number.

Visit RFID Kills to post your comments about the topic of including RFID chips in all new American passports. Of course, once one country does it the race will be on for all the sheep to follow, which in this case certainly wouldn't be a good thing unless security is improved. Also check out the comments on Slashdot.

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