Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Yahoo! Mail storage

Yahoo! is going to increase the amount of storage space available on free Yahoo! Mail accounts. At the moment the limit is 250MB but the new storage limit will be 1GB, which will put it level with Gmail. I'm wondering if Hotmail will be the next to upgrade again, since we all know they follow each other like a flock of sheep.

Most people I know have an account from all three providers and will still probably use all three for various things regardless of the features or space provided per account. Really, out of all three, there is no winner from the point of winning most users over totally as I'd say it'll be a small minority that use one service exclusively.

More storage space can only be a good thing. These limits will mean that seperate storage accounts that are available, will no longer be needed, especially if the interfaces that services such as I-Drive provide are available via Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail! for free or a small charge. There are lots of free online storage providers too, but unless backed by a big company usually they don't last very long as a free service, as with most free online services.

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