Monday, March 21, 2005


e-Scrabble has received a cease and desist order from Hasbro, who created this game. I'm sure it's because the Scrabble name has been used. If the name is changed, will they still be intersted in trying to close the site down?

The amount of users is high so it would be sad for them to see the site go, but looking at the letter it seems Hasbo are referring to use of the name and board game rules. I'd simply change the name and keep the rules, that would probably be the end of it. Hasbro will be annoying a lot of Scrabble users by causing the site to be shut down. If the domain is handed over they would probably start a service that you have to pay for, the money aspect is taking over yet again.

It's fair enough that the name and such belongs to Hasbo but by shutting this site down they are giving a red light to players of Scrabble who may in turn decide to no longer purchase any games from Hasbo and with the amount of users that e-Scrabble has, if they all decided to stop buying Hasbo games, Hasbo would wish they had of provided support for it rather than issuing cease and desist orders.

Maybe Hasbo should take notice of other recent purchases of web based services and buy e-Scrabble, it's popular and Hasbo would get respect for doing so as well as financial gains, depending on how they moved things forward. Taking the approach they have, all parties will loose out.

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I'm trying to remember what the issue is with Scrabble. I think they actually trademarked "Scrabble Crossword Game" so I'm not sure how that factors in...

If you're interested in Scrabble, check out "Word Freak", it's about a reporter who was doing a short article for a magazine but it he got sucked in with the scrabble geeks. It's very interesting -- about the history and the clubs and competitions and how it all fits together. The problems with the world tournaments (someone else owns the game outside the US and the language barrier).

Posted by: Gary LaPointe at March 22, 2005 09:51 PM
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