Friday, March 18, 2005

Blu-Ray, HV-DVD or HVD?

The battle of the next generation of storage to replace DVD has been going on for some time now but as consumers we don't appear to see any progress being made. It's really all about who is backing what and because the film companies have such a big impact, it may well not be the best of the three that makes it for technical advantages but rather because it has the most support for what the industry wants, copy protection for example.

If we're talking about storage, Optware HVD and then Blu-Ray would be my first and second choices. The amount of storage available on all three technologies beat the current state of what the DVD can offer, the data transfer rates are also better. A lot of the big names like Sony, Panasonic and Pioneer are all backing Blu-Ray but most of the big names in the film industry are showing more interest for HV-DVD because it offers AACS (Advanced Access Content System) protection.

Blu-Ray does not currenly offer any protection so although it allows for a lot more storage, it also does not offer any protection at the moment. If Blu-Ray can incorporate AACS or another protection that proves to work better than CSS the war will probably be won a lot more easily. Without any protection it looks like Blu-Ray will not be given the chance to change the way we think and use storage on cheap media.

HVD does not offer any protection at present either, but I'm sure this will change as the development program progresses. What consumers want is for the next technology to be decided quickly, so products start to hit the market earlier. At the moment, people are having to wait because the industries can't make their minds up.

I'm sure all the comsumers would go for storage over protection so right now most would choose Blu-Ray or Optware HVD. Of course, in the eyes of the film and software industry for example, they also care a lot about a decent protection system. What they are forgetting is, eventually it will be broken anyway and although maybe not as quickly as with DVD CSS, it will happen and all that money that will have been invested in creating the protection will have been wasted.

Check out this Softpedia article and decide on which you would like to see as the most used replacement for DVD.

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