Saturday, March 5, 2005

It must be bad luck!

After the bad luck on Thursday night, there were problems with the plan of events last night out in London too. After changing plans to head to another club for the night or for a while before heading to Turnmills, I wish I had not bothered. It was the Sunday Sport party at 10 Room that I was planned to visit, but after being told it was too full even though we were down on the list, combined with the fact they wanted to also charge people to get in now, I didn't bother going in.

I still could have made it to the Gallery night at Turnmills but instead I had some drinks at some other places and then went back to the house. Some people I knew that actually made it inside, said it was rubbish anyway so I didn't miss out on anything. I'm just annoyed becuase I missed out on a good night at Turnmills. I could have still gone but after the waiting around earlier at 10 Room, I was now freezing and could not be bothered trying to get over to Turnmills, especially since it was late and I didn't know if I would be able to get in as it was near 3am!

I'm not doing anything tonight, I've come back to visit the family. I'll certainly be making up for all the trouble this weekend, next weekend!

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