Friday, February 25, 2005

Furl & Filangy

I've been looking for something like these for quite a while. Well, not looking, but thinking I would like an easier way to manage my bookmarks that is web based and available from any location with Internet access. I use to manage my links on my blog which allows me to easily make the links available to others. I've not yet used Filangy as it is invite only so if anyone has a spare invite, please leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

I've had a little play with Furl and I like what that has to offer. I'll probably import all of my browser links over to Furl and Filangy and see which works the best for me. With Furl you can share links, keep them private and also search your links. Being able to access the links from any Internet connected computer is one of the major advantages over having only one copy of any saved links on a local computer.

It's looking like web based management of various types of data is becoming more and more popular as people want unrestricted access to their data. The question is, what will be the next big thing in online data managment and availability?

It's all about networking and having access to your information when you want it. Not so much about distributing the information itself, but more of a focus on providing a wider area of access to that information.

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