Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Cable or ADSL?

It seems that the house that I'm staying in is covered by Telewest which means that digital cable, telephone line and cable Internet is available. The BT line has already been ordered, as has Sky so those will be kept as they are for a year at least, which is the length of the contract.

The Internet decision is still open, the BT line can only get a 2 megabit feed at the moment, which is shame since Bulldog are offering 4Mbps for a very good price but only for a limited time.

We can get 4Mbps via Telewest cable, for slightly more a month than the Bulldog offer but it's better than paying nearly the same price for 2Mbps ADSL from BT or another provider. I think cable will be the one we go for, maybe not the 4Mbps though, I'm not paying so I'll just advise that 4Mbps would be nice but not required.

I'd try out the 4Mbps cable back at home, but some of the things that I have with my ADSL are not available, so right now I would make savings on the price and also get a faster connection but since BT have announced the planned upgrades to allow for higher ADSL speeds and more bandwidth on the upstream, I'd be best to wait!

Normally, I'd choose ADSL but for the house I'm currently staying at down here, I'll suggest the cable Internet.

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