Monday, February 14, 2005

The phone line is active

BT have activated the phone line down here which means that the ADSL can now be ordered, so that is good news. I've ordered an optical mouse for use with my laptop, I've gone some I could use but with the wireless active as well, sometimes the mouse can be affected so I've ordered a new wired one. I find it much easier using a mouse rather than a pad on a laptop. Once the Internet pipe is active and I get the mouse it'll mean I can do some proper browsing at night.

I've got loads of things I need to do and loads of news to catch up on and blog about but it's either do it during the day at the moment or leave it until the mouse and Internet are sorted. I can do some of it during the day but it's easier when people are not around and bothering me, which is mostly during leisure time.

I'll have to get motivated and work on things during the day since I've got a lot of free time at the moment at work, for various reasons. I have been doing some web based courses, but they get a bit boring after a while, so having breaks is good. It's only possible to take in so much information at a time without forgetting a lot of it.

I've got access to over 4,000 books as well, on every I.T based topic, so I'll be reading a lot and printing some off as well probably to read away from a computer. Having access to that many books is great, especially since they are all provided to us free of charge due to being paid for by the company. It's good when companies invest in the learning and education of their staff, it is beneficial to the staff and the company.

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