Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Good old BT

BT originally stated that it would take around four weeks to get the telephone line installed, which meant that we'd have to wait at least that long before being able to get an ADSL Internet pipe activated. The good news is that BT state they will be able to install the line next week, so we'll get the ADSL sorted out a lot sooner. At the moment I'm using my GPRS/3G connection to get online at the house, mostly GPRS though as the 3G signal is not very strong.

I'll be going home on Friday, so will be back to my usual 2Mbps ADSL. Not sure what connection will be installed at this house but anything will do, it may well be 4Mbps which would be nice. BT have announced the plans for faster ADSL speeds with the new technology, stating that 8Mbps will be national and 18Mbps possible which would mean more bandwidth would be available for upstream data too, although this might be limited due to the possibility of companies using it instead of SDSL.

Having the phone line put in will mean the Sky Digital can be activated, as a line is required initially to be able to use it, as part of the contract. I'm going to be cancelling my Sky Digital subscription at home since I am not there enough now and I don't watch much TV anyway so I've never really watched it. We've got digital cable there as well, so it makes no difference.

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