Monday, February 7, 2005

Vodafone 3G & GPRS

I've picked up a Vodafone 3G/GPRS data card so that I can get online, as at the moment there is no Internet access where I am staying down in London, but that will be sorted out once BT install the phone line. Having the 3G/GPRS card will mean I can get on from most locations which will be good.

At the moment I am connected via GPRS as the 3G signal is not too strong around here. It's slower but it works. I've got the medium package which allows for 79MB of data included per month, which should be more than enough.

I find it quite funny that Vodafone put on the content block for which you have to pay 1 to have it removed. They have my birthday on my account so they know I am over 18, yet the block is still in place by default. Obviously it is another easy way to make money as most people will want it removed as you can't access a lot of legitmate sites with it on!

The data card software is rubbish, that really needs some work. It is far too slow and hangs quite a lot. Itg does have some handy features though, but the crashing is not one of them. I'll have to try some other locations in the house to see if I can get a better signal strength on the 3G side. GPRS will do for the short time in which I'll need to use it before the Internet pipe is activated.

After the laptop arriving on Saturday, I've got some software installed and obviously the wireless working at home plus the data card too. Having access to the Internet on the move and when away from home was something I had been meaning to sort out for a while as up until now I've always had to locate places to get online which is something that now can be avoided.

Having access, especially for business purposes is mandatory, now I've sorted it I doubt I'll be able to do without it in the future.

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