Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A number of things to sort out

With starting my new job based in London next month, I've got a number of things to sort out. Knowing me, I'll leave a lot of it until the last minute. I'm not sure what I am doing with regards to accomodation just yet but I'll probably end up renting a room or sharing but if I can find a decent place near to the office that is a decent monthly price then I'll probably do that instead as I would rather have my own place over sharing with people I don't know.

In about six months I will probably be looking to buy a place with one of my friends. With the joint buying power of both of us we can get something better, maybe around the London area or maybe a bit further out. We will both be working in London so it makes sense because we'll be investing money every month rather than throwing it away on renting. In the long run, the property will obviously be an investment and if the time came to sell it then we'd get our money back plus profit.

I'll see what happens, but at least doing it this way I won't be rushing and will know by that point if I want to stay in the new position. I'm not sure if I will state the name of this new company at the moment, maybe not at all. I'll say for now, it's another big American company. After the trouble some people have had with their employers knowing about and reading their blogs, maybe this is a good opportunity for me to start clean in that area, even though I've not had any trouble there is always the potential, especially when joining a new employer.

When you know people that work at the same company as you are reading your blog, you might not have the freedom to talk about certain things that are work related or not. It could be even worse if they know it is yours but you don't know they know. If they read it but don't know it is yours then it is alright to exercise your freedom of thought and speech more easily, which is why I have the opportunity of doing so now, with the company change coming up.

In light of being able to speak about anything more freely by keeping some information such as the company name private, I think I'll not disclose that information at the moment. It could definately be the better option due to some of my thoughts and opinions that I may decide to share with you, regarding various things employers might not like their staff discussing, work related and various other subjects.

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