Saturday, January 8, 2005

It must be a mistake!

I've recently received some cards through from my share broker,
TD Waterhouse, to allow me to gain access to funds in my account as well as pay for things using them as well if I wish. Upon receiving them, I've noticed that the expiry date is 04/05 on both cards. There must be a mistake, a card that is only valid for four months?

Something has obviously gone wrong as I can't see them sending me new cards all the time since there is no need. I'm going to call them on Monday and see what they say. There is a first time for everything I know, but I've not heard of anyone experiencing this card expiry issue before.

It's not like banks have a standard set period that all customer cards are valid for so that they all cycle at the same time. Maybe TD Waterhouse do use that method, but I doubt it as it's better to spread the new card creation load over time rather than have them all expire at the same time.

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