Saturday, December 25, 2004

The snow has arrived

The bets were in, thinking about it now I wish I had of had a bet. The odds were recently reduced as word was spreading that we were going to have a white Christmas. After reading about snow on Jeremy Zawodny's blog and seeing a picture of how thick it has been falling in some parts of the world, I took and quick look out of the window and was shocked to see show on the ground and falling from the sky.

It's not very thick at the moment, but this is the first time we have had any snow on Christmas day in a long time. The climate is changing globally so we have not seen snow fall much for a long time, but a little is better than none!

That has put the icing on the cake for many children this Christmas. I'll probably get some pictures plus take some with my Nokia 6600 and post them on my moblog. I've been meaning to setup the handset and make sure it works with my setup so this is an ideal opportunity.

It was snowing here in January and March earlier this year, we'll probably see it fall from now through to around the same time next year so we might be lucky and see it fall quite a lot for the first time in ages. I should have some pictures to come later hopefully.

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