Monday, December 6, 2004

The urge & desire to buy things

I always end up spending a load of money on vinyl when I go searching for records. I'll only be looking for one thing and end up buying a load of records. It's not just with ordering vinyl though, it happens when I am shopping online for other things too. I know what is to blame though. Something we all know and love, the good old search feature. It allows us to find what we want, but along with features such as personal recommendations and information about what other customers purchased it can become and deadly tool. I've noticed this quite a lot, on various sites. It is great marketing and using my own experiences as an example they really make me end up spending more money.

I bet I am not the only one who has fallen down in the path of these marketing strategies. The problem is being able to resist the temptation. I sometimes find this hard because when I have desire for something, I get it. When it comes to buying things, cost usually does not form part of the equation to deciding on the purchase especially when the techniques above have been implemented.

Since it is so easy to point and click, is it any surprise that Internet based shopping is growing on a massive scale? Not really. I've read that online shopping may well overtake traditional methods this Christmas due to the fact people can find better deals online, search for exactly what they want instead of spending time going to stores & locating the goods and then waiting around in queues for hours. Online shopping is a lot more attractive in these respects and since more people now have broadband at home it means that the whole experience can be a good one.

As time goes on I can see more things being implemented to allow for quicker and more prodictive shopping to happen online and along with these features will come more purchases, simple because it's so easy which is not something you can hold off if you really like buying things. It's time to destroy and credit cards you might have!

I wonder if there have been any cases of people suing companies because they allowed someone to spend too much money and cause them problems?

As mad as it sounds, I bet there has been.

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