Saturday, December 4, 2004

Catch a train or maybe not?

I've had it with trains. In this country, the service seems to be getting worse. If it is not one thing, it's another. When you have to rely on trains or any form of transport you would expect the service to be half decent. It is always the way that when you are in a rush, some issue appears that causes a delay. Maybe these delays are always or mostly evident but we don't notice them so much but they really stick out when you need to be somewhere at a speific time.

The most annoying thing is that I can be on time, waiting for the train but because something out of my hands happens which causes a delay, the rest of my trip plan becomes viod and I'm then running late which can be very frustrating when it continally happens. I'll consider making it part of my daily routine soon so that I change my journey plan to incorporate the fact something is going to happen.

The national rail services have to deal with more than the tube networks so more delays occur but even so, there are other countries that have a really good national rail service far better than the one found here in the UK.

Now, one would normally come up with a plan or change a current plan, as I have done. What would be a lot better is being able to not have to use public transport all the time. It would be nice, but I don't have a choice at the moment and it is not having the choice which is the most annoying part because if I did have a choice I'd obviously choose the other or one of the other options.

What fun it is going to be over the up and coming holiday period. I'm not going to name and shame a certain provider on this issue as it is a combined effort of a number of providers and industry regulators that are to blame. Not very good timing of track works and such all add to the problems.

Sort it out!

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