Thursday, December 2, 2004

It's December already!

Another year nearly over and the summer here has long gone. With only Christmas left, it will soon be time for people to start thinking about their resolutions for the new year. I don't tend to bother, bt maybe I will think of something to start or stop doing soon.

Since it's the time to stsrt buying presents, lets of people will be out shopping a lot and thinking of things to buy. I tend to do things last minute. More people will be doing their gift shopping online and I don't blame them. For a start, you will save hours simply by using search features on sites and also being able to easily compare prices on sites such as Kelkoo will mean savings will be made. It is a lot more trouble comparing prices when you are actually out shopping but online it could not be easier. No wondering around, no time lost going from store to store & no waiting around in a queue.

There are times when going to a shop is better. Some things, although you can buy online are better being seen in the flesh. Some items are still worth buying online for cheaper prices, but initially check them out in a shop first. Examples might be clothes or electronic goods, for me personally anyway.

I'm going to try and restrict my spending on items for myself and try and save more money in 2005, since I'm going to be investing a lot in the markets and other areas as well as investing in my business operations. In the end, my plans shoud allow me to build up a nice portfolio and supply the financial backing for me to buy and do pretty much anything I want to.

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