Tuesday, November 30, 2004

High bandwidth ADSL users

It seems that PlusNet has moved a few hundred high bandiwdth users over to a new pipe because they were using too much bandwidth. It seems a lot of the users of low cost DSL and cable services are told that there is a usage cap, but this is not automatic - they simply get a warning if they go over the limit. In the case of PlusNet, it seems the users that they have moved are now reporting that their service has degraded.

Maybe when an ISP introduces a usage limit on certain product offerings, it should allow for automatic suspension of the offending user rather than sending warnings. You do get what you pay for and if you are only paying a small amount you can't expect the world. Do instead expect service outages, bandwidth limits and no sight of any SLA.

I have a 2 megabit business ADSL pipe from Demon who I have been with for nearly four years. Since I pay more, I don't have limitations on usage and don't really experience any problems. I'd rather pay more for a better service.

If you pay hardly anything for a service, think about why. Don't expect things that are designed for accounts that cost more, which includes no bandiwdth restrictions and better service. Some people might not be aware of a limit, but once they are told about it they should either change to a better suited package or cut their bandwidth use.

I think PlusNet took things a little too far and did not need to take the approach that they have, but at least they are portraying that if you want a half decent service you're going to have to pay for it like most other people do. Costs of Internet connections are coming down with the flood of providers on the market but always remember that cheaper isn't usually better.

I've not checked what the amount monthly bandwidth usage is on my link, I could probably find out from Demon but I'll be able to monitor it myself via MRTG and other graphing applications via SNMP when I configure it all.

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