Tuesday, November 23, 2004

RSS feed advertising

There is discussion at the moment of some aggregator services and actual sites with RSS feeds putting advertising in the feeds. Personally I don't think it is a good idea, but people have different views. I think most readers that read news a lot use an aggregator service or application. I don't currently use one but have chcked a few out such as Bloglines and a few application based programs for doing the job. It does make the job of reading different news sources a lot easier and less time consuming so I'm going to get round to adding a load of feeds to Bloglines and see how it goes. Of course doing things via the web based method instead of via an application has the sama benefits as with web based email in that you can access it virtually any time you like and from almost any location.

Keeping the RSS feeds free from advertising on your feed from you site is easy, but there is no way to control what a third party aggregator does to it. In the future I'm sure more services will add in their own advertising and I think in the most part this will stop users using a service that does this. Sites that add advertising directly the the source of the RSS feed would also loose visitors and they might switch back to viewing the site via the web which would probably also have adverts on it but they would be easier to block.

People should really be given the choice. A google example would be to have two feeds, one with advertising and one without. You might think that is a bit pointless but one feed could have advertising and other things which a user might want, the other could simply be a pure RSS feed with no additions, service such as FeedBurner allows you to add verious things. I've taken a look and I'll probably try it out for a few of the things it offers and add that in as another feed.

Giving people a choice is the main thing.

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