Sunday, November 21, 2004

Halo 2 on the XBOX

I've recently ordered a copy of Halo 2 for the Xbox. You have probably heard about a lot of people being banned from Xbox Live recently as along with Halo 2, Microsoft decided to release an Xbox Live update at the same time. Reported information is floating around about why people are being banned, it seems it is mainly due to people that have changed the hard disk in their Xbox. I've got a chip in mine to allow me to exploit the potential of the Xbox but I've not been banned, at least not yet anyway.

I've had the Xbox Live update and it still allows me to connect and play. I can see the reasons for MS doing this, but you have to have an original copy of a game to play on Xbox Live so it'll not have any affect on people copying games when playing on live as all copies should be original anyway.

I think MS are looking at it from the other angle to stop try and persuade people not to get their Xboxes fitted with a chip in the first place, in that scenario it would lower the amount of pirate copies of games being used. They also suggest it will low the level of cheating taking place. I've not found that anyone is cheating because they have a modified Xbox but of course this may be the case with some games, I'll have to investigate to find out.

I've also ordered a few other games, including DOOM 3 & Farcry for the PC. I'm probably going to get a number of other Xbox live games quite soon, as I've only got a few games for the Xbox at the moment and since I prefer online game playing, I need to get some.

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