Thursday, November 18, 2004

X-43A Scramjet sets record

NASA has recently announced that it's X-43A Scramjet has broken a speed record. The figures are pretty amazing. It was flying at nearly Mach 9.8 which works out to about 7,000 miles per hour as it was 110,000 over the Pacific ocean.

Imagine flying toa nother country at that speed? Maybe it will be the next generation Concorde? Of course that is a long way off. The flight of course was not manned and after departing from the carrying B-52 at 40,000ft is then increased speed and height for around 620 miles before falling to the depths of the sea.

It's a record breaking achievement and lets hope the data gathered can be used in many ways in the future to continue development of this craft and others.

Check out the Hyper-X project site.

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