Wednesday, November 17, 2004

ICANN changes

The recent changes made by ICANN have been reported by some people as not required and pointless, check out the changes. A lot of domains are possibly open to bogus transfer requests now. Most domains are locked usually but if not most people are turning on the transfer locking feature. One change will allow for a transfer request to take place even when the owner of the domain has not accepted it, which does not make sense since an owner should have the right not to reply to a non-requested transfer and it be totally ignored without any intervention as was the case before now.

However, it is being reported that these changes have only been made due to some registras not making it easy enough for customers to transfer domains away, instead trying to keep them as customers so these changes have been made to allow changes of registra to take place more easily.

Is also interesting to point out that this is for the transfer of domains from one registra to another, not changing the owner. That is a seperate issue and so the domain won't change hands, who bills you will. Of course if any of the name server information changes then the domain will not work, but as long as this is kept the same you would not notice a difference to a domain without looking at the whois record or noticing that the domain is no longer listed on the account you have with a certain registra.

The issue of increased hijacking taking place does not appear to be something that will happen due to these changes, but a lot of sites are reporting this is the case. These changes are not going to allow the domains to change hands without any action from the current domain owner, so there seem to be a lot of worried people for no reason.

Another issue that people seem to be seeing is some requests for their domains being submitted to report that their domain has a problem with the stored whois record data. When a report such as this has been submitted, some registras request a reply from the domain owner in a short period of time else will delete or suspend a domain. Other registras charge a fee for checking these reports out which may have not been made by the domain owner but of course causing charges to be invoiced to the domain owner. There are a lot of comments on the Slashdot post regarding this so check it out for further information.

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