Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Gmail POP3 / SMTP access

Gmail have introduced POP3 & SMTP access for Gmail users, which was announced last week. I've only just noticed that my account has been enabled for POP3/SMTP access, it's being done in sections of users at a time but mine may have been done days earlier as soon as it was announced but I've not been checking to see if mine had been enabled.

I'm yet to check it out, but will do soon. It'll allow people to access their mail and also send mail using their usual email aplpication as well as the web browser. With forced use of SSL/TLS, you'll be keeping your connection secure, so not only will the authentication of your account be secure but also the transmission of any data, when accessing Gmail via the website only the authentication part is done via SSL so there is increased security, but emails generally travel between server to server with no encryption so until all mail servers also send mail between each other with SSL for example, the protection a secure connection can provide is limited your email could have already been viewed in transit.

At the moment, you don't see any Adwords advertsing in your email when accessing it via POP3 and none is added to any mail when sending via the Gmail SMTP server, although this may change. At the moment the folders in your Gmail account are not populated to your mail application and you only seem to get the mail that is in your Gmail inbox, not any that has been archived.

I'm sure this functionality will be added at some point as having access to all of your mail is obviously better than just access to mail in the inbox of your account.

Also the fact that POP3 and mail forwarding will be free is good as I got the impression that there may have been some charges for these options. Things are coming along well and Gmail is proving to be a great tool for managing email. I've still got a few issues with it though, such as filtering email that has filters already straight to the Spam folder. I've informed Gmail about this but as yet it is still happening. Personal rules should be applied before hitting the anti-spam filters and systems that Gmail uses. I just noticed an email from Orkut even got filtered as Spam.

I've moved all my email over to Gmail really, because having access to all my email makes it a lot easier. When I was using an email application that was only available on one computer, it meant I'd only have access to mail for a certain amount of the day and if the disk failed the mail data would be lost unless backed up. Using Gmail, the backup is taken care of and you can still use a mail application when you want to. If you have a laptop, then you can use the application more often as obviously you can carry it around wth you.

At the moment I have a lot of accounts forwarding to my Gmail account, a few I still use locally on the individual systems. I backup the data on the servers using Veritas NetBackup but I'll eventually forward all of my accounts to Gmail and then use a mail client on my new laptop when I get it and then via webmail the rest of the time when I don't have it wth me.

Gmail is making good progress!

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