Sunday, November 7, 2004

Screen Select

There are loads of places that you can rent a DVD from these days, some just online based. I've looked at a few in the UK and one of the best appears to be Screen Select. Of course there are that many free trials about you could probably go for about a year without actually paying just by creating accounts and enjoying free trials. I'll gather some together and post them up. I watch a lot of films and Screen Select appears to have the biggest selection to choose from with 25,000 titles as well as:

* No due dates
* No late fees
* First class postage
* Freepost returns
* Rent unlimited DVDs
* No commitments
* No cancellation fees

If you continue and become a paying member after the free trial, which currently lasts 14 days it costs 14.99 a month, which is pretty good. Other sites allow more rentals at once but even so, if you are limited to 3 at a time because of the quick service you'll easily be able to get 100 films per month if you watched and returned titles quickly but most people would probably not watch that many in that time.

I'm going to try out the free trial and then check out some other ones too, probably. But when it comes to paying, I'll probably go with Screen Select due to the large collection & no charges for late returns and such.

Renting online via the post can be a lot easier as you can search for what you want easily, amongst other things. With Screen Select you choose titles and then select a priority for them and then will be then sent to you when a copy is available so if you keep the number of selections on your account high, you'll constantly have new films being delivered!

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