Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Sales & technical support

When opening tickets with some companies, I've found that if it is a sales related request, they keep asking for updates from you, asking if you are going to buy a product or upgrade a service and such.

If it is a technical ticket or support request, it takes a lot longer to get a reply from the company providing the service, not always but sometimes. Some companies are better some are worse. The only way to get around this is to ensure that you are covered by a decent SLA plan. Of course this usually costs a lot more but as they say you do get what you pay for and for the majority when you do pay, things do get delivered most of the time to within agreed service levels.

It is just funny that when you're not covered by an SLA the techincal things take longer to get sorted, but the sales people are always on your back for updates to any enquiries you have made. It does make business sense for the sales people to work like that, but still.

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