Saturday, October 16, 2004

Bed Bugs

Nevermind if they bite. I suppose most of us are not so bothered about things we cannot see. Bugs and insects that we can see generally affect us more. For instance, I spotted something running over me earlier when I was in front of the computer. I moved quickly and it fell off but I could not see where it went.

They must cover right distances and in short amounts of time for such small things, be it ants or other crawling bugs. It has just appeared in my bed while I was using the laptop! So, I managed to get it this time and put it outside. I think it liked extreme sports as this one had no idea what running off the ends of the paper was going to cause, luckily for it I kept the paper low to the ground.

It makes me wonder though how these things get in here in the first place. Obviously they always find a way, but if it has been inside for quite so time it is probably starving and in need of some food.

I've learnt from this that is it always best to keep on your guard, from even the smallest of intruders.

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