Thursday, October 14, 2004

Snap search

I'm just in the process of reading various things after missing out because of being in Germany. I really need to hurry up and get a laptop with mobile data so that when I am away I can keep up with things. It is really annoying that at the moment I have to keep going to locate Internet access points and even then have limited time online. You know, it's good to be able to browse the net when you have some free time and are in a hotel and such. I know I would like to be able to do this. I've got quite a lot of stuff to still catch up on from when I was away in Ibiza.

I'm just reading Jeremy Zawodny's coverage of the recent Web 2.0 conference. It looks like there were loads of interesting talks taking place and he has done quite a good job of noting down a lot of talks and the key points they made.

Snap, is another search engine. I say another as there have been a number of them appear lately each offering different facilities and options. The layout of this is good and the results are provided along with some other information such as popularity. I decided to give it a test with the first search term I could think of - sex. I got a message saying that the search would probably result in adult content and I had to agree to being provided with content of an adult nature. I clicked it a few times but did not get any further, not sure what was happening there so I decided to try a number of other searchs. They all worked fine.

I look at the Internet and sites I use in the same way as I look at other things in life. Take clothes, we all like certain styles and brands for different reasons but once you find something you like, you tend to stick with it rather than change. I think most people could relate to this idea online as well. There might be new search engines appearing such as this and A9, but are people likely to change from using there current engine, even if the newer ones offer more functionality?

For one thing, Google searches a lot more pages than say Snap - that fact alone could be a major point in people wanting to stick with Google as when it comes to search people want something that searches more pages in the hope that they will not only find matches that are related but they will find a wider variety of matches.

It'll be an interesting are as things progress but it may not be much of an issue at the moment for the established search engines to keep their userbase from wondering away. Even if a certain number did, I'm sure people would be using multiple engines as they might do now as one engine might have something another does not. I only really use Google, but to be honest I always find information in relation to what I want.

Maybe when engines are offereing a lot more, such as intelligent search, custom RSS feeds in relation to the current search and a whole lot more all in one go, then people will take a more serious look at what is available. It's all an ongoing project and it'll always continue to be that way. Most people will stick with what they know.

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