Saturday, September 18, 2004

Mail delivery failures

Don;t you just hate those annoying worms that send themsolves out using your email addresses that have been obtained from some infected machine? I'm getting a fair few of them at the moment. Some indeed contain elements of spam. Most mail delivery failure notices will pass through anti-spam filters easily so it looks as though this is a new idea being used be the spammers.

Send out mails which look like failure notices, but still contain a link to some site you're probabl not interested in. That load of failure notices combined with the ones these worms generate causes an increased load of mail. It would be great of there was one easy way of getting rid of the spam problem. We do see things moving forward, but it will take time.

The other thing to consider is apart from these email lists which are being sold all over the place, where are emails gathered from? I'd say there is a percentage of lists which are stolen from insecure servers. It only takes one server that is not configured correctly or compromised & a mailing list that you are subscribed to could now be in the hands of a whole host of spammers.

Maybe the solution is not prevention but a more active approach. Maybe spammers should be killed. I'm sure if that started happening, it would send a lot of spammers to consider early retirement rather than risk being caught and then killed. We can only dream.

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