Saturday, August 14, 2004

SIM card to blame

It looks like it was the SIM card that has been causing the problems I am having abroad using my phone. Thinking about it, I have had the current SIM card since the end of 2001. Back then I probably had other issues as well, like barring and such. Now all of that has been sorted out, it seems like the SIM card is the only remaining issue.

I've got a new card through with my Nokia 6600 so I have copied off the contacts and messages and just had the new SIM card registered. Before I requested the change, I tried dialling a number in the USA and it just produced a tone and disconnected. After the change, I have tried and it connects.

Looks like I won't have any further problems now and should be available via my mobile when abroad. Just goes to show, don't overlook anything as being an issue. I would not have thought an old SIM card would stop me dialling international, but it looks that way.

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