Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Microchips without circuit boards

Is this the next stage?

It is an interesting idea but seems at first, something that would take a lot of wrk to get right but if it was successfully tested and rolled out, new hardware any indeed anything electronic with circuit boards could then use it.

Chips would still have to be stuck on boards but there would be no need for wires or connections as the technology would allow for wireless communication between chips. Easier design and layout of boards would be an advantage as well as less time to produce.

There are other technical issues that have to be dwalt with, but if the problems with heat and such as solved so the chips can comminicate without data loss then the work will have paid off. With increased bandwith that would be available from this design, we'd be able to see the current bottlenecks in systems removed and overall system performance would increase.

A number of companies are playing with the idea, such as Sun Microsystems.

Check out the article here.

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