Tuesday, July 27, 2004

MSN Newsbot

Along with the recent release of a new search engine from Microsoft, it seems that now available is a beta of something else planned, called MSN Newsbot. Although beta, like the search engine Newsbot is a new service and still under development, but public testing has started. It seems that some of the major companies are starting to branch out and offer more in the way of services, even when going up against the competition that in some cases holds most of the market share - in the case of the search engine for example, Google.

In the world of business competition is good, but as we are seeing with Gmail, people will swap service if it offers something new and something that will benefit them individually otherwise they will stick with the current provider of the service in question.

In the case of searching, will people move away from using Google? Even if the new alternatives are better, it'll still be hard work to steal users. In some cases, there are no reasons to move, unless the service is rubbish - the new features are not considered by some users.

It is just a case of the big companies all wanting a slice of the market share as for example, a lot of money can be made from paid advertising.

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