Sunday, July 11, 2004

Browsing the Internet

I was just reading this post by Jeremy Zawodny regarding aimless Internet browsing. I'd have to agree, I don't spent as much time browsing at the moment as I simply don't have the free time. The sites I visit are ones I visit quite often, mostly on a daily basis such as news sites, web based email and some others.

Combined with the lack of time to browse, there is also the repetitive factor. I tend to get bored of most things which are repetitive after a while and browsing is sometimes meeting the criteria for this category.

Often in times such as these, it is a wise idea to have a break and then come back after a while, much like when you go for a coffee or tea break at work or even over a longer period - like abstaining from doing something for a longer period of time. Doing this can usually add the buzz back which you have missed due to the amount of exposure to the said activity, be it browsing or something else. In addition, there are some things which we simply cannot do without. For most of us, Internet access is one of them.

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