Sunday, July 4, 2004

Gmail, first impressions...

From what I have seen available in Gmail so far, I'm quite impressed. The keyboard shortcuts are a really good idea for a start. I've not forwarded any mail over to it yet and don't know how well the spam filtering works, but I'm sure I'll find out when I start using the address.

The main thing really will be the extra space, as I'm sure most people will agree but the other things the service offers and the layout are all important factors. I think the layout is good and it seems quick to load up emails as well.

I'll post up about invites when I get some and I'm sure I'll have more comments when I use the service more. I've already got a few suggestions to make as features that I would like to see, such as aliases.

I wonder why you cannot at present have an account with 5 or less characters that make up the alias. That is something which should be changed.

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i am get now one

Posted by: Asad at December 26, 2004 10:09 PM
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