Friday, July 2, 2004

iPod & iTrip

I'm going to get round to getting an iPod, probably the 40GB one. Also using the addon iTrip I would be easily able to transmit to a radio in the close vicinity. The distance is limited, but after reading this document, it seems quite easy to extend the distance to which you can transmit over - quite easily.

I suppose you could take things further and use some other kind of transmitter which you can buy from Maplins, and apply more power to the output using an amplifier, like the kind you would use on CB / HAM radio.

Using that method, you would really be able to tramsmit over a longer distance but my just following the instructions on the Engadget article, you can extend it slightly.

Now, I just need to get the iPod - Import from the USA, save on the duty and overpricing in the UK! You can also now integrate your iPod in your BWM car.

Although, the Archos devices are pretty good only quite expensive at the moment. With 80GB models available, that's a lot more capacity to store movies and music - the best thing being able to watch movies on the move!

So there is an investment at some point I think.

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