Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Jonathan Schwartz, turned blogger

That is right, Johnathan Schwartz has launched his blog. You might think that being COO & president of Sun Microsystems would be enough, but obviously not. It's a good move I think, as he states in his initial post he can publish his thoughts to the world without having it pass through other channels. It's a more direct approach and more personal.

It would be good for other people to follow suit. Maybe they will, just like the companies follow each other like sheep with regards to new services and such.

Having a more direct approach to anything is usually better - be it having your opinion via a meeting or publishing your comments on a blog, for example. I usually tend to be direct about things and writing your own blog allows you to have this freedom. Jonathan and various other people have started, some have been writing a blog for ages. Let us see more. Think about it, we are all the same - human - we all think - we all have opinions.

So let us break down the wall of the upper management within companies, especially ones in the technology sector and see more people having their say.
Obvoiusly when working for a company, you need to exercise control when discussing certain things for various reasons but that aside - you are free to share comments and information about anything.

It looks like comments are disabled though, all the feedback would be interesting I'm sure & you could moderate the comments on your own, Jonathan!

Now, I think I'll have to login and create my own blog as I have not got around to it yet - but, since I already have one here I'll probably just link to this and maybe make the odd post or two over there too, who knows.

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