Monday, June 14, 2004

Yahoo! Mail storage increase

Yahoo are about to increase the storage capacity on accounts, which has been talked about for some time, in response to Gmail. I've had 6mb on my Yahoo Mail account because I've had it since 1998, I'm not sure if it started off with 6MB, I think it did and they lowered it down later. Either that or it got upgraded, I can't remember. Anyway, from the current 4MB a free upgrade to 100MB storage on a free account is good.

And if you pay, you get an even better deal - 2GB which is more than Gmail.
Maybe there will be an upgrade option on Gmail which will allow you to get even more space?

Hotmail needs to do something for the free accounts, the 2MB is quite low and I find I have to delete stuff quite often, usually attachments and things that people have sent which is annoying as usually I might want to forward them on at some point and it casues more work by having to forward them to POP accounts.

I'm rather pleased with Yahoo spam filtering and this in conjunction with the new storage limit and new design, can only be good.

Well done Yahoo!

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