Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Night vision goggles

It seems like to help protect revenue and stop copies of the new Harry Potter film hitting the Internet early, some UK cinemas will be having staff using night vision goggles to try and see recording equipment.

Well, if they think that will stop copies getting out, they are mistaken. For a start, a lot of pirated copies of films are screener DVD rips - so perfect quality. The ones that are recorded in cinemas obviously are not as good, but so many people could record - all it takes is one person to do it and put it online, which will happen as it always does. Maybe it might cut it down a bit for this new film and maybe others that they try it for, but of course it will never stop it.

Just using watermarking on the screeners and making each screener copy unique is a lot better, the same goes for the films in the cinema too.

As with all of these attempts, it is fighting a loosing battle and is all about one thing, mainly - greed.

In this day and age, nobody likes to pay for anything and most people will not pay if they are not forced to, which is usually the available choice and in the world of pirating, will always be an available choice - regardless of if it is right or wrong.

Spend the time doing something more productive, instead of chasing 99% of people because you know what they say - you can't chase people if they don't run & most people are not running.

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