Friday, May 21, 2004

Yahoo Domain Keys

I'd heard of this recently, but reading Jeremy Zawodny's post reminded me about it. Off I went to read the details. It seems like a good idea and would probably work. The issue would be, getting as many different mail servers as possible to use it - actually, it might not be such a task as long as it is integrated with as many popular MTA's as possible.

It looks like that will be the case. It won't stop spam alone since spammers running their own servers could easily setup key pairs, although it would be easier to trace and then blacklist these servers. Also, if a mail server is an open relay, then won't it just accept and sign any incoming mail then pass it on?

Signed spam - delivered directly to you.

It appears that Yahoo has submitted the RFC to the IETF so I'll have to have a read through that, at first glance it looks like an interesting idea.

There is also the alternative Sender Policy Framework, which already has quite a large amount of users. With that in mind, from the perspective of a new user, which method should be the one used? Maybe if you were able to implement both, you would have the best of both offereings.

Microsoft has also submitted its RCF draft to the IETF, regarding their Caller ID anti-spam idea.

It looks like some of the big names are really looking at the issues of spam more now which is a good thing. I've had my Yahoo Mail account since 1998 and I used it to sign up to loads of different things. As you would imagine, by now I get a lot of spam. Until Spam Guard, it was all being delivered to the inbox. With Spam Guard, most of it was being caught and delivered to the bulk mail folder, which could be deleted there & then or automatically later on.

Now you can submit mail as spam, for the odd one or two that do get delivered to the inbox, I submit. For a while I was submitting a lot, but as more mail is submitted by many users, it can be flagged and all future mail filtered.

With the addition that bulk mail does not count towards your account quota as well as the quota size going to increase - the Yahoo Mail offereing is a lot better.

Since the 15th of May to now, 292 emails have been caught and devliered to the bulk mail folder in my account. I've had to mark about 5 as spam that were not caught. That is not bad going and a lot better than it was. I'm sure more improvements will be made as well.

When using web based mail, you really need good spam filtering as it is more of task to keep adding your own rules and you can't use a proper mail MTA unless you use POP3, which means you can't have the benefit of using other applications to catch spam as well.

These methods look promising to use, in addition to spam filtering applications. I'll be giving some of them a try to reduce the amounts of spam I am getting to my other accounts which are not free / web based.

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