Sunday, May 16, 2004

Do spammers work at weekends?

I was thinking about this earlier and I've come to the conclusion - I don't think that they do work at weekends. As such, working in this sense is spamming - I would not call this work really, but it will do for the purpose or my thoughts.

I've noticed that the levels of spam that I receive to certain addresses really does drop at the weekend. So it would seem that spammers maybe do have real lives. I was also thinking, do they just spam to annoy us, sell their or customer products or a bit of both? I'd think it is both.

I mean, they must know that people are not going to purchase stuff relating to half of what spam is reklating to or am I just assuming? Maybe there are some people that actually purchase this stuff?

I'd be inclined to think that people selling these products, go to the spammers and get them to help out for a fee. The spammers probably don't care what the spam is relating to or if it will convince anyone to buy the products, they just want their money. The spammers also probably know that most people will not care for these mails and probably enjoy the fact it annoys most people.

I've recently updated some of my spam filter rules, there are about 100 at the moment. The mail which tests as positive, is simply deleted from the server and not downloaded.

Saves on bandwidth too, it's all good.

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The problem is that while it might be entertaining for them, it is killing the internet and the spirit of it. I think that people will only be able to take so much and there will be some kind of "breaking point".

I've always been surprised that nobody has takening things into their own hands yet and sought out the spammers and taken their own (possibily violent) actions. Perhaps that will be the breaking point.

Posted by: Suso Banderas at May 17, 2004 09:30 PM
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